Thomas Hardy (1752-1832) early radical



Thomas Hardy (3 March 1752 – 11 October 1832) was an early Radical. In 1791, Hardy, a master shoemaker, opened his own boot and shoe shop at 9 Piccadilly, London. Around 1792, he founded the London Corresponding Society, starting out with just nine friends. Two years later, on 12th May 1794, it had grown so powerful that he was arrested on Crown charges of high treason. During his imprisonment, Hardy’s wife gave birth to a stillborn, and she eventually died in August 1794. Hardy was defended by Thomas Erskine and was acquitted, after nine days of testimony and debate, on Guy Fawkes Day 1794.
Drawn and etched by John Kay (1742-1826), artist and barber of Edinburgh. Published in ‘A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings’, 1870. Biographies and anecdotes by Hugh Paton, carver and gilder.


Image size 61 x 84 mm
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