The Fortunate Duellist (James Macrae of Holmains d. 1820)



Macrae was a notorious duellist in the Restalrig district of Edinburgh. A retired officer in the Irish Carabiniers, he challenged his friend Sir George Ramsay of Bamff to a duel on Musselburgh Links with the surgeon Dr Benjamin Bell (1749 – 1806) in attendance. Macrae mortally wounded Ramsay whereupon he fled to France and was tried and convicted in his absence.He died abroad in 1820.
Drawn and etched by John Kay (1742-1826), artist and barber of Edinburgh. Published in ‘A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings’, 1877. Biographies and anecdotes by James Paterson and James Maidment.

Image size 115 x 188 mm
450 ppi


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