Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832) Scottish historical novelist, playwright, and poet (multiple portraits)



The originals of the portraits are, the top portrait is a miniature of 1777. Centre full-length portrait is by William Allan 1831. Left marble bust is by Chantrey 1820. Right hand portrait is by Watson Gordon 1830.The dogs and armour were painted by Sir Edward Landseer. The dog at the front is Maida in old age. The dog at the rear is Landseer’s deer-hound, presented to him by the Duke of Atholl.
Drawn by H. Corbould and engraved by W. Finden for the Abbotsford Edition of ‘The Waverley Novels’ by Sir Walter Scott, 1842-47

Steel engraving
Image size 116 x 199 mm
450 ppi