King Kenneth II of Scotland (r 971-995)



Engraved by I. Taylor after one of the series of ficticious portraits of early kings of Scotland by Jacob de Wet, painted about 1690 for the Great Gallery of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.
This series of Kings is based on the chronology of George Buchanan and begins in 300 BC beginning with Fergus I. Buchanan identifies this image as Kenneth III because he lists Kenneth Keir, son of Conval (c.605) as Kenneth I and Kenneth MacAlpin (r 842-858) as Kenneth II.
Modern historians identify this figure as Kenneth II.
This version was published in A General History of Scotland by William Guthrie, 1767.

Copper engraving
Original image size approx. 120 x 200 mm
Digital image size 3885 x 5593 px
32.9 cm x 47.4 cm (300 ppi)