Italy, Rome, 6th century Church of San Teodoro (wrongly titled Temple of Vesta) near the Forum



This is a Digital Image not an actual print.
San Teodoro is a 6th-century church in Rome dedicated to Theodore of Amasea and is located on an ancient road between the Roman Forum and Forum Boarium, along the north-western foot of the Palatine Hill. The bronze Capitoline Wolf was kept in this church until the 16th century which is perhaps the reason why the church was also known as The Temple of Remus and Romulus.
Engraved, after an earlier 18th century print, for ‘Raccolta Delle Principali Vedute Antiche e Moderne Della Citta Di Roma e sue vicinanze’ 1834.

Steel engraving
Original image size 11.7 cm x 6.7 cm
Digital size 3440 x 1983 px
29.1 cm x 16.8 cm (300 dpi)