Iraq, Khorsabad (Dur-Sharrukin) Palace of Sargon II, Bas-relief sculptures (3)



Engraved by Augustin François Lemaître (1797-1870) for ‘L’Univers Assyrie, Babylonie et Mesopotamie etc’, by Ferdinand Hoefer (1811-78), 1852.
Carved bas-relief sculptures of two men carrying a wheeled cart or chariot, and a bearded man driving four horses. From the Palace of Sargon II c706 BC in Khorsabad, Ancient Assyria, excavated by Paul-Emile Botta and originally drawn by Eugene Flandin in 1849.

Steel engraving
Original image size 17.5 x 11.0 cm
Digital image size 4145 x 2602 px
35.0 x 22.0 cm (300 dpi)

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