India, Benares (Varanasi) Aurangzeb’s or Alamgir Mosque



This is a Digital Image not an actual print
Drawn by W. Purser after a sketch by Captain R.Elliot RN and engraved by W. Cooke for ‘Fisher’s Drawing Room Scrap Book’ 1832. The original drawings were made in 1822–24. One of the tall minarets fell in 1948 killing a few people. The second tall minaret was taken down around 1964 as a precaution. This engraving was first published in ‘Views in the East, Comprising India, Canton and the Shores of the Red Sea’ 1833.

Steel engraving
Original image size 180 x 116 mm
Digital image size 4263 x 2748 px
36.1 cm x 23.3 cm (300 dpi)