Robert Gordon of Straloch and Pitlurg (1580–1661) Scottish cartographer, mathematician and geographer



Robert Gordon of Straloch (1580–1661) was a Scottish cartographer, noted as a poet, mathematician, antiquary, and geographer, and for his collection of music for the lute. In 1641, Charles I wrote a letter, in which he entreated Gordon ‘to reveis the saidis cairtiss’, to complete the publication of an atlas of Scotland, which had been projected by Timothy Pont. The Atlas was completed in 1648 and was published by Joan Blaeu of Amsterdam, under the title of Theatrum Scotiae. A second edition was published in 1655 and a third in 1662. This atlas was said to be the first delineation of Scotland made from actual survey and measurement.
Engraved by S. Freeman after the portrait by George Jamesone for ‘Lives of Illustrious and Distinguished’ by Robert Chambers, 1834. Published by Blackie & Son, Glasgow.

600 dpi
Steel engraving
Image size approx. 95 x 101 mm