Gillray Caricatures Plates 245-248



Gillray Caricatures Plates 245-248Drawn and etched by James Gillray (1756-1815). This Atlas Folio edition of Gillray’s works was published by Bohn, London, 1847. It contained 582 plates on 152 leaves, with etchings printed on both sides of the paper. Because of this, the platemark from the print on the reverse is sometimes visible on the other surface of the print. This is one sheet of paper with image(s) on both sides. Paper size approx. 470 x 640 mm.
Copper etching
245-‘French Generals Retiring on Account of their Health’-1799
246-‘Allied Powers, un-Booting Egalite’-1799
247-‘The Reception in Holland’-1799
248-‘Exit Liberte a la Francois’-1799